September 25, 2019

Active Duty Investors: Interview with Dan Wynn

Dan is a Husband, Father, Active Duty Army Officer, and Real Estate Entrepreneur. He’s been involved in over 10 fix and flip projects and has bought, renovated, and held a mix of single and multifamily homes over the last three years while serving on active duty. 

Dan is also the host of the Financial Freedom Journal Podcast and Youtube Channel where he interviews other successful real estate entrepreneurs and shares deal breakdowns and lessons learned from his personal financial freedom journey.

Dan and his partners are currently focused on acquiring commercial multifamily apartment buildings.

Dan Wynn Contacts and Social Media Links

Bigger Pockets- @DanW13

Josh Wilson

I'm a real estate broker, investor and your host of A REAL ESTATE SHOW. My goal for the show is to meet great people, learn together, and create deals.

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