July 30, 2019

Charitable Real Estate: Interview with Rob and Jerrell

In the field of U.S. based real estate companies (which includes anything from developers and property managers to brokerages and leasing companies), the Tampa Bay Times points out that Welfont came in 2nd place. However, among all real estate brokerages, Welfont finished in the top spot in the country, separating themselves from the 2nd fastest growing real estate brokerage by a margin of nearly 4,000%.

Rob Blakely and Jerrell Bass are both senior producers with the Welfont Group in Tampa, Florida.  Their experiences and personalities came together to form a fruitful friendship, and their chemistry is palpable.

Rob’s Bio:

Rob was always interested in working with his hands, spending time as a carpenter in North Virginia and North Carolina at 18 years old.  Soon after, he called Tampa Bay home; joining the Sunshine Development Group specializing in market-rate/affordable housing.  Studying community real estate & development at the University of South Florida, Rob honed his skills in how to develop projects with layered financing and heavy tax incentives.  After applying for a position at Welfont Group, with his application covered in “I love Jesus” writing, he soon became a solid fit within the company as the National Acquisitions Director.

Jerrell’s Bio:

After graduating with a BBA in Industrial  Psychology & Marketing from East Carolina University, Jerrell pursued his passion for selling homes through connections with his fraternity brothers.  Eight years later, he started his own construction company focused on developing custom homes.  He formed a 501(c)(3) to benefit widows and widowers with custom-built, fully furnished homes during the market crash.  After running into Rob Blakely of Welfont Group one morning, Jerrell soon became a Senior Acquisitions Manager at Welfont.

If you would like to connect with Rob and Jerrell directly you can call or text 813-575-7111 or use any of the links below.

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Rob’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-blakely-b727249a/

Jerrell’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerrellbass/

Rob’s email: rob.blakely@welfont.com

Jerrell’s email: Jerrell.bass@welfont.com

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