September 10, 2019

Democratizing Real Estate Investing: Interview with Craig Cecilio

Craig Cecilio is the CEO and Founder of DiversyFund. Craig’s mission is to disrupt traditional alternative asset investing and empower the average investor by giving them the same wealth-building opportunities available to the 1%. Craig’s visionary approach to democratizing alternative asset investing combines the power of crowdfunding with cutting-edge technology through DiversyFund’s online platform.

Before founding DiversyFund in 2014, Craig worked for nearly 20 years as a joint venture equity partner, lender, and developer. A natural entrepreneur, Craig has utilized his networking skills to lead the development of over 1,000 single-family residences, financing more than $1 billion worth of real estate assets.

Craig Cecilio and his co-founder Alan Lewis combine nearly four decades of collective experience in the real estate investment industry. They bring the best of both real estate expertise and Wall Street experience to the company’s investors.

Craig Cecilio has set out to build a team of like-minded individuals who embraced his idea of how technology could transform the way people invest in real estate. Based out of “America’s Finest City” in San Diego, DiversyFund is driven by its passion for opening the world of real estate investing to the average investor.

The team Craig has developed at DiversyFund is incredibly passionate about their approach and mission of bringing wealth-building opportunities to the 99%.

With a focus on technology, Craig has broken down the barriers to invest in real estate, allowing all everyone to invest in that would otherwise only be accessible to the privileged and well-connected.

He is a frequent speaker on topics surrounding start-ups, crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, real estate syndication, capital raising, and leadership.


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