September 3, 2019

Partnering with Property Managers: Interview with Chris Bright

Company Bio:

Best Orlando Property Management specializes in day to day management of residential properties covering all of Central Florida. The company’s motto is “We Treat Your Property Like Our Own!”, and this is reflected on how the company takes pride in each property they serve.

What makes Best Orlando Property Management unique is it not only focuses on the owner of the property, but it also fosters great relationships with it’s tenants. This additional focus allows the company to keep vacancy rates low and rental rates high. The company’s top management team all come from the Corporate America world, so they run their business with the same financial and customer service as the top Fortune 500 companies.

Personal Bio:

Before Chris began his real estate career, he worked in corporate America for 10+ years. Throughout this time, he held management positions for one of the world’s largest marketing firms and one of the largest International Energy companies. He brings the same professionalism that he developed from corporate America to real estate. With a business background in negotiating large complex deals and an MBA from the University of Florida, he takes enjoyment in providing superior customer service.

Connect with Chris:

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